BlazeCast Broadcast Notifications

BENBRIA’s BlazeCast is a notification solution that enables faster delivery and acknowledgement of vital information to your customers, employees, and other constituents.


From routine billing notices, order status, and appointment reminders to crisis-oriented events such as outages, recalls, and emergency response, BlazeCast enables you to deliver timely information to the right people at the right time.

BlazeCast allows you to…

  • Deliver real-time, personalized and interactive notifications to the recipient’s preferred device.
  • Notify customers of promotions, events and limited time offers using their preferred method – text, email, or call.
  • Respond quickly and accurately to crisis-oriented events; communicate rapidly and clearly to those who need to know.
  • Generate real-time reports consisting of auditable record of open, acknowledged and closed issues.

Download 2-page BlazeCast Product Brochure

BlazeCast helps you connect with the right people at the right time.
For more information about the BlazeCast notification solution from BENBRIA, click here.